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Why Identity Theft Protection?
I. Identity theft is the fastest-growing financial crime in the U.S. and perhaps the fastest growing crime of any kind in the country.
II. In 2009, there were 11.1 million identity theft cases in the U.S., a $54 billion crime.
III. Opening new lines of credit is the most frequently occurring use for stolen identities.

Identity Theft Protection Services Comparison Chart
Service Trusted ID ProtectMyID Lifelock ID Watchdog IDENTITY
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Our Pick
Trusted Service
Feature packed
Credit Monitoring
Yes Yes
No Yes
Credit Reports
Credit Score
No No
Internet Monitoring
Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Getting Reports
Mail / Email Email / Online Mail / Email / Online
Email / Online
Email / Online
Public Records Monitoring
Yes No Yes Yes Yes
Software Solutions
Yes No No No Yes
Lost Wallet Service
Yes Yes Yes No Yes
Resolution Service
Yes – in-house Yes – in-house Yes Yes Yes
Insurance or Guarantee
$1 Million Warranty
$1 Million Insurance
$1 Million Guarantee
100% Recovery
$1 Million Insurance
Our Review Most purchased family and individual plans. They offer a wealth of features for the cheapest price.
Full Review
Although new to the ID theft scene, Experian created an effective, cheap id theft and credit monitoring service.
Full Review
Well-known for their commercials. Offers effective fraud protection and monitoring services.
Full Review
Advertises itself as a comprehensive identity theft solution. for the features they provide.
Full Review
Offers the most protection features, highly reliable. Also offers Internet protection and software.
Full Review
Trial Period14 Days1 Month ($1)NoneNone1 Month
Price (w/ discount) $7.01/mo

Learn to Protect Your Identity Today.

Identity theft is skyrocketing in the United States; the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) reported that there were as many as 9 million American identity thefts each year, and this figure includes 400,000 children. Unfortunately, identity crime is still growing, and many identity theft cases aren't even realized for over 4 years, after the damage has been done.

How Do Identity Theft Protection Services Protect You?

Identity thieves are getting smarter. However, with constant monitoring of your credit and a proactive watch for suspicious activity, you can protect yourself from identity theft damages that can cost thousands of dollars and years to repair. Identity theft services work to monitor your credit and scan the Internet black markets for sales of your credit card information and other private documents. Different online theft protection services offer different levels of monitoring, so be sure to check out our reviews to see what each service has to offer.

What most identity theft companies do:

1. Fraud Alerts
2. Credit Card List, Offer List, and Junk Mail List Removal
3. Credit Reports and Monitoring
4. Database Monitoring
5. Guarantee in Restoring your Identity if Stolen
6. Identity Theft Insurance
7. Credit Card Monitoring
8. Lost Wallet Protection
9. Medical Identity Theft

What do identity protection services protect you from?

Identity thieves often try to open new accounts and take out loans under your name. This can severely hurt your credit, and this may result in loan rejections, and loss of employment. ID theft protection services help to prevent:

1. Unauthorized New Bank Accounts Opened Under Your Name
2. New Applications for Credit
3. Address Changes
4. Public Record Changes
5. Negative Marks On Your Credit

Which credit protection service should you choose?

We believe that each identity theft protection service has its own strengths and weaknesses. Some services offer features that others can’t. Some services offer better family plans, and some offer better individual plans. We’ve reviewed and compared each service for you on this website. We do make recommendations, however you still must check to make sure those features are what you are looking for.

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